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We are proud that they have chosen to help introducer their readers to Detroit Latin soul stirrer Caleb Gutierrez. Check out his First Listen feature HERE.

Caleb Gutierrez photo by Marc Nader

Steffanie Christi’an Interview on LOTL Radio “The Comfort Zone”

LOTL Radio’s The Comfort Zone offers insightful interviews With real artists who make real music. It doesn’t get any realer than Steffanie Christi’an. Check out this interview on the BlogTalkRadio network.

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Bounce-Worthy: Steffanie Christi’an


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Steffanie Christi’an proudly proclaims she’s “way too much,” and with good reason. Not only is Way Too Much the name of her independently released six-song EP, it’s a state of mind and the term that the Detroit rocker uses to neatly sum up her state of sound.

Listening to one of her tracks and it’s hard to not hear a little bit of that Tina Turner growl spiced with some of dance singer Sonique’s feline-fierce range. But you’ll also hear injections of Rage Against the Machine and Alanis Morissette, alongside Billie HolidayJanis JoplinPrince and Tori Amos. If it isn’t clear, know that is one black woman who rocks hard, and confidently declares she can hold her own and the microphone when sharing the stage with the likes of contemporaries ResJoiand Martha Redbone.

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Detroit Free Press: Beloved Seger album gets musical translation in live Detroit tribute

Don Was at Concert of Colors 2014

Originally Published in the Detroit Free Press

By Brian McCollum
Detroit Free Press Pop Music Critic
July 13, 2014

It was the kind of fun, freewheeling night where history shook hands with 2014 and both came out better for it.


Before a mostly packed house Saturday night at 2,000-capacity Orchestra Hall, native son Don Was hosted a diverse collection of Detroit-related performers to take on Bob Seger’s beloved 1976 concert album, “Live Bullet.” Was’ latest Detroit All-Star Revue capped the day for Concert of Colors, the free fest that will wrap up today in Midtown Detroit.


“Bullet” holds a cherished spot in local rock lore, and for artists ranging from teen rocker Blaire Alise to 67-year-old Spyder Turner, Saturday brought a sense of hometown duty to go with a wide-open musical mandate: Play it how you want.

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XD Artist To Watch: Steffanie Christi’an

Often times when presented with Rock N’ Roll, we imagine big haired white men playing guitars on stage and screaming at the top of their lungs. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that as I just finished playing Bad English’s epic, monster ballad “When I See You Smile.” However, we are living time where we are redefining music and making it our own. Often times, we’re taking back our sound and introducing it to a new generation of music lovers. XD’s new artist to watch, Steffanie Christi’an, is the true definition of a Black woman who definitely rocks.

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Steffanie Christi'an


Roots Rhythm and Rhyme Praises Steffanie Christi’an’s ‘No Holds Barred’ Live Performance

Steffanie Christi’an (right) at Black Women Rock 2014 Photo by Tanya Moutzalias | CultureSource

From Roots Rhythm and Rhyme:

Black Women Rocked the Charles H. Wright Museum for Women’s History Month

“…there were no holds barred during Detroit based rock/soul artist Steffanie Christi’ian’s performance, which was was by far the most edgy and entertaining. Christi’an definitely showcased that gut-wrenching rock sound Detroit is known for, especially when she was dancing all over the stage and engaging in a battle with the guitarist. But, it was her rough, soul-driven vocals that stole the show, especially when she performed ‘What You Gonna Do’ and the rock heavy tune ‘Hit.'”

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Nadir Omowale: ‘Detroit Can Teach The World How To Succeed As An Independent Artist’

Originally Published at Deadline Detroit

It’s difficult to pigeonhole Detroit musician and producer Nadir Omowale into a specific genre. Jazz, funk, soul, rock and many other genres influence in his music. Out of that eclectic mix, Nadir has successfully crafted full-time career in the industry.


You’re originally from Elizabethton, Tennessee, went to Nashville for college and moved to Detroit in 1999. How has it been different living and working in the Detroit scene?

I was in Nashville playing my original music, which is funk-rock-soul based. Unfortunately at that particular time, it was really difficult to gain any traction in Nashville with that kind of music. I happened to meet a young lady who worked at the Nashville Ford plant. We took a liking to each other and she became my wife, Akanke. Before we made that decision she said, “You know, at some point I’m going to have to move to Detroit,” and I said, “Well I can make music in Detroit.” Moving here actually has turned out to be fantastic for my music career. I was raised on that Detroit sound, and it really was an opportunity to come home musically. As people in Detroit heard me play, they really embraced me and my music.



The Michigan Citizen: UltraSound brings new music experience to Detroit

Originally Published in The Michigan Citizen

The UltraSound, hosted and presented by CoolBeanz (formerly known as RenCen CoolBeanz), is a new live music performance series by Detroit’s best singers and musicians in an intimate acoustic experience. Debuting Jan. 26 at the 5e Gallery in Detroit, the evening featured performances by Steffanie Christi’an, Pierre Anthony and Gwenation. Between songs, the artists answered questions about their lives, careers and inspirations for the music they create.

UltraSound Steffanie Christi'an 2 Jan 26 2014 Common Breath Media

Steffanie Christi’an and her band. (Left to Right: Nadir Omowale, Christopher Spooner, Steffanie Christi’an, Dummine Depores. Not shown: Jeff Rebrovich and Lauren Johnson

Steffanie Christi’an, who is known for singing over high powered rock n’ roll songs on stages throughout Detroit, was accompanied on acoustic guitar by Nadir Omowale and Duminie DePorres, backed by a rhythm section and keys. The setting allowed for a more intimate experience with the singer, who gave the fans an experience of her exceptional voice.

“I sing rock n’ roll. I would say that I’m pretty aggressive, and this is so different from what it is I do on a regular basis, but I appreciate things when they’re turned down a little bit because you can hear what I’m saying,” laughs Steffanie Christi’an. “It’s just a different energy. I get to see people a little bit differently when they get to hear something like this.”

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Steffanie Christi’an at The Ultrasound – Sunday, January 26

THE ULTRASOUND is a new platform for artists to intimately connect with fans. They strip away the theatrics of the stage, and put the fans right in front of their favorite Detroit artists. Artists perform acoustic sets, and in between songs, the audience gets to interview them.theultrasound


Online Tickets are $15@:

Catch Distorted Soul artist Steffanie Christi’an with Pierre Anthony and Gwenation.

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For More info / physical tickets: 248.987.8063


Michael Turner – “Look At Us Now”

Here is a sneak peak from Michael Turner‘s forthcoming album Dare To Love.

“I wrote ‘Look At Us Now’ in response to the current state of the world,” Turner says. “If you take a look at how the United States started as a nation, and what was promised as it pertains to basic rights, freedom, and the American dream, a lot is promised with American citizenship, and yet minorities, gays, immigrants, and socioeconomically disenfranchised people still face a lot of struggles.

“The media tends to focus on the negative, versus highlighting the positive stories that show progress, and the areas where we are heading in the right direction. We’ve still got a long way to go if we’re going to save ourselves, but if we don’t look at ourselves critically, we’ll never figure out how to make those changes.”


A Birthday Party For Everyone: The 2nd Annual Birthday Show with White Shag and Michael Turner

White Shag, the Motor City’s premiere psychedelic power trio teams up with rock and soul stirrer Michael Turner for The Second Annual Birthday Show on Friday, January 17 at New Way Bar, 23130 Woodward Avenue in Ferndale. The party starts at 9:00pm with party favors, and birthday cake. Admission to the 21 and older show is free. The show is sponsored by stage apparel retailer Showtime Detroit, and Detroit record label, Distorted Soul.

The Birthday Show: 1/17/2014The Birthday Show tradition began in 2013 as a way for White Shag to celebrate their own births, but it was expanded to include everyone who ever had a birthday (meaning, You and YOU). This year they invited their friend, Michael Turner, former lead singer of hard-charging Detroit rockers, Jiva, to premiere his new solo project at the birthday celebration.

Turner, whose birthday is January 22, will release his first solo album on the Distorted Soul label this summer, and he is anxious to show off his new material. “I can’t wait to get back on stage with some of Detroit’s finest musicians, and the always rocking band, White Shag,” Turner says. His band includes Twistin’ Tarantula’s guitarist Lawerence Daversa, and Detroit funk assassin Nadir Omowale on bass.

Meanwhile, White Shag has been rocking clubs and racking up acclaim all over the nation. They recently received three nominations in the 2014 Rockwired Radio Music Awards, and were among Music Connection’s Top 100 Unsigned Bands. Bassist and vocalist, Laura Mendoza, is excited to celebrate this year’s birthday show at Ferndale’s newly remodeled New Way Bar.

“I’m really happy we got to put on The Birthday Show again this year,” Mendoza says. “Last year’s show was really fun, so you can count on the same this year!”

Reavis Mitchell – Soul Beats Vol. 1 (AVAILABLE NOW on 12-inch vinyl, CD & digital)

What is “Soul”? Soul is the immortal essence of life. It is the electrochemical element that binds the “self” to the “all”.

Reavis Mitchell - Soul Beats Vol. 1 - DistortedSoul.comWhat does Soul sound like? Soul is a deep resonance in your chest that sparks emotion, sets your heart on fire and makes you move.

Distorted Soul & Soulbeat Productions bring you the first volume of the Soul Beats series, as scientist/producer/artist Reavis Mitchell breaks the sound barrier again. [Read more…]

Coming Soon: Reavis Mitchell – Soul Beats Vol. 1 (DS12-001)

Exclusive Interview With Reavis Mitchell

Songwriter, producer/engineer and Distorted Soul recording artist, Reavis Mitchell, discusses his career beginnings and the producers who have inspired him in this interview on

Reavis Mitchell in the lab at Soulbeat Productions, Nashville, Tennessee

Songwriter and producer/engineer Reavis “Rev” Mitchell recently visited the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and participated in an exclusive interview. Mitchell discussed his career beginnings, current projects and the four producers who have inspired him, among other topics.

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“95 Miles Down the Road” – Music Video by Nadir & Mayaeni

It’s all but over. Nadir and Mayaeni don’t want to be here any more, and their already gone… 95 Miles Down The Road. The tension and tempers are too much to take. Can they hold it together long enough to take one final bow?

This music video, directed by Mayaeni and featuring Emily Rogers and Christopher Spooner, is the second chapter of The Book of Jonah.

Click HERE to purchase the 7-inch vinyl single or download the track from iTunes.