Reavis Mitchell

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Reavis (Rev) Mitchell once led a double life. By day, he was a U.S. government computer scientist, helping to adapt Global Positioning Systems (GPS) from their original military applications to civilian uses. At night, his alter ego stalked stages and studios as an award-winning hip hop artist and producer, powering the pioneering Nashville hip hop quartet Utopia State, and developing explosive musical productions for a long list of clients like Sony Music, Coca-Cola,  McDonald’s, USA Networks and a bevy of major label and indie artists.


But eventually the music took over. Reavis, the scientist, went rogue, leaving government work behind to design the Beat Thang Mobile Music Production System, while Rev, the artist/producer, continues to break the sound barrier with his company, Soulbeat Productions, and an ever expanding client base. Now Reavis Mitchell, the Scientist/Producer/Artist, emerges from his secluded Nashville laboratory, exposing experimental new forms that extend the outer limits of hip hop, soul and funk music.