DJ Butterface – Butterfunk Vol. 1 (digital EP)

Producer, multi-instrumentalist, mashup maestro Michael J. Bazini (aka DJ Butterface) does it again. The New York native is known for his genre-bending remixes and mashups for artists like Public Enemy, Martin Bisi, Paranoid Social Club and Nadir. Now with the release of Butterfunk Volume 1, Butterface challenges dance music conventions with a set of drum heavy funk grooves, anchoring a landscape of electronic and techno textures along with some high intensity rock guitar.

“I used to play in different kinds of bands before I was a DJ, and have many musical influences. I became a DJ and a producer simply to become a better songwriter, looking at music from another perspective.  “Butterfunk Vol. 1” is years worth of band, DJ and production experience and infusing everything that inspires me without any boundaries or limitations.

“Ultimately, it’s the Funk that keeps me going because it’s vibe is so irresistible to my ears. One day, Nadir and I were talking about what kind of Funk I would make, and Butterfunk Vol. 1 is the answer.”

Butterfunk is just the first helping of whole funkload of buttery goodness.