Bounce-Worthy: Steffanie Christi’an


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Steffanie Christi’an proudly proclaims she’s “way too much,” and with good reason. Not only is Way Too Much the name of her independently released six-song EP, it’s a state of mind and the term that the Detroit rocker uses to neatly sum up her state of sound.

Listening to one of her tracks and it’s hard to not hear a little bit of that Tina Turner growl spiced with some of dance singer Sonique’s feline-fierce range. But you’ll also hear injections of Rage Against the Machine and Alanis Morissette, alongside Billie HolidayJanis JoplinPrince and Tori Amos. If it isn’t clear, know that is one black woman who rocks hard, and confidently declares she can hold her own and the microphone when sharing the stage with the likes of contemporaries ResJoiand Martha Redbone.

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