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The music that flows from the mind and soul of Nadir Omowale simply defies genre classification. R&B, Rock, Funk, Hip Hop and Jazz are spun into such a heady mix through his recordings and performances, that the listener no longer has any interest in limits or labels.

Nadir’s music represents the evolution and celebration of an ancient blues credo, in that it tells stories from the heart, for the heart. It is also a reflection of all that is funky and joyful.

Nadir Video




95 Miles Down The Road (feat. Mayaeni)

The Making of 95 Miles Down The Road

Go It Alone

Go It Alone Music Video: Behind the Scenes



Workin' For The Man (Live)



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"95 Miles Down the Road" - Music Video by Nadir & Mayaeni

"Go It Alone" - Music Video by Nadir

Nadir - "Go It Alone" & "Love Thang" Available NOW on 7-inch Vinyl & Digital

Behind the Scenes at the Go It Alone Video Shoot

Nadir Records Strings for His Upcoming Album

Behind the Scenes at the '95 Miles' Video Shoot Somewhere In Detroit